There have been some pretty wild plays in the world of baseball captured on video in recent days. From pitchers tackling hitters to epic defensive fails and fans throwing trash on the field, we’ve seen just about everything.

Now, let’s add an epic throw from the outfield to get a baserunner out at home to the list.

Over the weekend, the Bowie Baysox and Akron RubberDucks were dueling it out in Eastern League play. During the top of the fourth, with the score knotted at 0-0, Akron’s Will Brennan hit the ball to deep left field where Bowie’s Dyan Harris was waiting. Akron’s George Valera figured he had enough space to make it from third to home and score. Harris, meanwhile, had other thoughts and rocketed the ball towards home where catcher Cody Roberts caught it just in time for the out.

Akron would go on to win the game, 8-6, but at the time, this was a pretty critical defensive play and effort by Harris. Not only did he have to catch the ball on the run but he also had to adjust and throw the ball while moving. Even with all of that, he was directly on the mark for the catcher to make the play just in time. The odds against all of that working perfectly had to be pretty high.

Twitter was pretty impressed with the play.

Guess we’ll have to keep an eye on Harris and see if he might be making those kinds of throws in the big leagues one day.

[Bowie BoSox]

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