Minor League pitcher Chase Cohen turns a triple play. Midland RockHounds pitcher Chase Cohen made a stellar defensive play on Saturday, turning a bunt attempt into a triple play.

As a general rule, the argument against bunting is that you’re giving up one of only three outs that you get per inning. But in Saturday night’s game between the Frisco RoughRiders and Midland Rockhounds, Frisco would have happily accepted giving up only one out.

Midland pitcher Chase Cohen was in a jam, the game was tied 4-4 in the top of the ninth inning and both of Frisco’s first two hitters had reached base. That brought up RoughRiders third baseman Jax Biggers. Despite being down 0-2, Biggers tried to bunt. While Bunting with two strikes is a risky play, it seemed as though the worst-case scenario for Biggers was bunting foul and striking out, leaving the runners on first and second. Only, it went much worse for Biggers and his team.

Biggers bunted the ball back toward Cohen. While the bunt went up in the air, the runners, Kellen Strahm and Thomas Saggese, took off from first and second, respectively. Cohen not only fielded the bunt cleanly but went into a slide and caught the ball. He then threw to second to double off Saggese. Shortstop Cooper Bowman then threw onto first base, with Logan Davidson catching the ball to secure the triple play.

While Midland couldn’t win the game in the ninth inning, the RockHounds didn’t have to wait much longer. Cohen pitched a scoreless ninth inning, leaving the ghost runner stranded. Midland’s Darell Hernaiz then singled in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning, giving the RockHounds the victory.

Cohen picked up the well-earned win. He went two shutout innings in relief, allowing two hits with one strikeout and one phenomenal play.

[Photo Credit: Minor League Baseball]

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