As fans are unable to attend baseball games, one thing we can’t experience is ballpark food. Sure, we can get hot dogs, fries, and burgers from any restaurant but there’s just something about being at the ballpark and eating ice cream out of a mini helmet that’s so appealing; even if the food is more expensive. And while ballpark food isn’t the biggest thing we’re missing out on, it’s probably something some of us are missing when we’re unable to enjoy that.

Well if you live in Los Angeles, you can get the luxury of concession stand food while at home. Twitter user @yayforzig discovered that you can order Dodger Stadium food from Postmates and other than beer, it appears they got the full menu.

Under “LA Dodgers Home Plates,” you can get your Dodger Stadium food delivered to you within the LA area to enjoy whenever you want. And unlike the prices at the ballpark, the prices on Postmates are pretty comparable to other restaurants who sell similar food.

A Dodger Dog on Postmates costs $4.95 and as of 2019, the same dog at the stadium costs $6.75. Yes, there’s going to be a delivery fee and (hopefully) a tip involved but $4.95 for a hot dog in Los Angeles probably isn’t a bad deal. I don’t know, I don’t live in LA so I’m not an expert in how much things cost but I’m assuming it’s more expensive than in most other places.

So while fans can’t attend games, at least one can enjoy the food while they’re watching on TV.

[h/t @yayforzig/Photo: Postmates]


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