Mitch McConnell

At the Politico Playbook Breakfast, you expect to get your serving of politics, policy, and a bunch of other non-sports related topics, but Mitch McConnell had an opportunity to delve into sports.

The Senator from Kentucky was asked about his favorite Major League Baseball team, the Washington Nationals, and offered up quite the analysis.

His hottest of takes? That the Nationals needed to get rid of Jonathan Papelbon! Wait, that’s not a hot take…it’s downright logical and reasonable!

McConnell’s reasoning was because he got into a fight with Bryce Harper, which he (rightfully) feels is detrimental to the team. It’s hard to disagree with that reasoning.

He also believes that the Nationals need an outfielder with a good bat. McConnell is not a fan of Jayson Werth, who he says is getting older, and doesn’t play as many games as he used to when he was in his prime. Again, both fair points rooted in logic and reason.

McConnell would also like to see the Nats get another starting pitcher, but is a fan of Lucas Giolito, one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball, and feels that he can be a good counter to the departure of Jordan Zimmermann, who signed with the Detroit Tigers as a free agent earlier this offseason.

Whether or not you agree with his politics, his takes on the Nationals and what needs to be done in order for them to attain the success that has been expected of them seem pretty thorough and constructive. Maybe he can replace Mike Rizzo as the team’s general manager.

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Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.