Photo: Jomboy Media

A total of 12 people from the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners were suspended for their role in the brawl that broke out during Sunday’s game. That being said, the repercussions are still being felt as an Angels pitcher went down with an injury from that brawl.

It was revealed that Archie Bradley will go on the DL for a fractured elbow, suffered when he fell over the dugout railing as the benches cleared. Angels athletic trainer Mike Frostad told media that Bradley will have to wait four weeks before he can start a throwing program and it might be a “couple of months” until Bradley would be fully back.

As Jomboy Media notes, Bradley fell over the railing as the brawl started.

Of all the ways to get injured, that’s certainly one of the more random ways to do that. It brought a lot of attention throughout the baseball world.

[ESPN/Photo: Jomboy Media]

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