A special guest of Jonathan India was at the Great American Ball Park to see the game between the Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds.

Patrick Kinman wanted to have his customized No. 4 jersey signed by a member of the Reds. India not only granted that wish but invited Kinman out to the game and onto the field, where he signed the jersey. When the game was over, Kinman posted a picture of the signed jersey with India’s message to him. He also included a video of the conversation they had and explained the significance of the No. 4.

India, who had previously met Kinman at a Cincinnati Bengals playoff game, responded with well wishes to Kinman.

Other MLB fans did the same, extending their best wishes towards Kinman and also giving India well-earned praise for his gesture.

A week before this, the Chicago White Sox granted the “ultimate wish” of a young fan when he ran the bases before a game against the Baltimore Orioles and with players from both teams lining the baselines the greet him as he ran by.

Moments like this are bigger than the results of any game. Much like the White Sox and Orioles deserved praise for their actions, India and the Reds do as well.

[Patrick Kinman]

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