Photo: @Brewers

Major League Baseball has made some…questionable decisions about some of the alternative designs of their caps and uniforms. At one point, it got so bad that it was almost like they were intentionally signing off on gaudy and horrible designs in a “so bad, it’s good” way.

Thankfully, Nike’s “City Connect” uniform series hasn’t fallen into that trap. Sure, only 13 teams have revealed their uniform designs so there could be some stinkers in the future, but the majority of the uniforms have looked great. The Milwaukee Brewers revealed their uniforms on Friday and they are no exception.

A powder blue ensemble that reminds one of their road uniforms from the 80s, it’s got lovely gold lettering and accents that make it pop in a good way. There are even small details that might not be noticeable at first but when you do, it completes the design. For example, there is a patch on the right sleeve of a grill to symbolize Milwaukee’s love of outdoor grilling.

Social media had much to say about these uniforms, with the vast majority being positive. Looks like this will be a popular item for Brewers fans.

[Photo: @Brewers]

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