MLB released images of the uniforms its teams will be wearing for Spring Training, and they’re honestly pretty awesome. The uniforms have a distinctly retro feel, with simple designs on the jerseys and old-school logos on the caps.

Let’s break down the best of the Spring Training wear.

Best Spring Training hats:

5. Seattle Mariners


The Mariners have gotten away from this logo, using the “S” on all their regular-season hats, and it’s nice to see it return here.

4. Colorado Rockies


The Rockies should really emphasize the mountains more in all their logos and uniform designs. That’s the most distinct thing the franchise has going for it.

3. Oakland Athletics


The A’s elephant logo is one of the most delightfully random logos in sports, so it’s good to see it endure.

2. Kansas City Royals


The Royals’ regular “KC” logo is dull. This one with a crown on top, over that beautiful Royal blue, is gorgeous.

1. Chicago White Sox


This is a chic modern update to a highly retro logo. It maintains the cool geometry of the 1980s logo while discarding the distracting colors.

Best Spring Training jerseys:

5. Los Angeles Dodgers


Nothing fancy here, but the Dodgers uniforms are always great. The more Dodger blue, the better.

4. Chicago White Sox


More love for the South Siders. We loved that logo on the hats, and we love it on the jerseys as well.

3. Baltimore Orioles


Some people might find that much orange to be distracting, but it’s also fun and distinctive, and the big logo across the chest works well.

2. Detroit Tigers


This jersey is so simple and elegant. It feels like it could fit in in any era.

1. Houston Astros


The Astros have been through a lot of looks over the years, but the one they’ve embraced in recent years could be the best. This jersey is simple but unique, and the accents on the side bring it to life.

Plus one jersey we don’t like:

The Tampa Bay Rays are trying out a new abstract logo, and it’s hard to really get behind it because it’s hard to tell what it is. The color of this uniform is cool, but the logo is the only thing happening here, and that’s not much. This has a distinctly minor-league feel.


But that’s all right, MLB. Hitting 29-for-30 isn’t bad at all.

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