The Pittsburgh Pirates are in some hot water with Major League Baseball after they saw Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa wearing a “legalize it” shirt and making a smoking motion as he threw the ceremonial first pitch at PNC Park for Thursday’s Orioles-Pirates game.

Khalifa, a huge supporter of legalizing marijuana, expressed his support while supporting his hometown baseball team. But Major League Baseball wasn’t pleased and issued a statement about the situation.

Surely the Pirates know who Wiz Khalifa is and saw what he was wearing that they were cool with it in advance. I mean, one of the most famous stories in Pirates history is Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter on LSD so they seem chill with everything.

As for MLB, I’m not as convinced they even know who Wiz Khalifa is. What exactly is MLB going to expect when a rapper with an album titled “Rolling Papers” throws out the first pitch? Also, as noted by the Yahoo piece, while MLB prohibits marijuana, major league players aren’t tested for marijuana.

Anyway, this seemed like a situation where Wiz Khalifa and the Pirates did something that wasn’t that big of a deal and MLB, probably after watching Reefer Madness again, overreacted. I mean, who will think of the children!?

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