There is something special about the old look of the San Diego Padres with the brown and yellow combination. Not many teams can pull it off, but for some reason the Padres do. This summer, as hosts of baseball’s mid-summer classic, the Padres and Major League Baseball are giving every all-star a chance to wear that signature look.

Here is a look at the uniforms all-stars representing the American League will be wearing for the team’s workout day and Home Run Derby…

2016 ASG Uni - AL


Brown shoulders on a deli mustard yellow jersey. The logo of the MLB team the player represents will be patched on the left sleeve, but in the color scheme of the classic Padres look. This example shows a Minnesota Twins “TC” logo on the sleeve, with the all-star game patch on the right sleeve. And that text across the front, wonderful.

Here is how the National League uniform will look, using a Dodgers logo on the left sleeve and a reverse color scheme  that is typical of all-star game uniforms…

2016 ASG Jersey - NL


But what about the caps, you say? All specially-designed all-star caps will follow a similar template, but the entire team name will be printed on the front of the cap as so…

2016 ASG caps 2016 ASG caps


So, what do you think of this year’s all-star looks? As mentioned above, brown and yellow rarely works when it comes to uniform design, but you have to appreciate how the Padres have made it work and how they serve up a fresh take on their classic and retro look for the All-Star Game.

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