While the pitch was outside, Dodgers star Mookie Betts was called out, ending Saturday's game against the Cardinals.

Earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Dodgers benefited from some generous strike calls in a game against the Minnesota Twins. In Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Dodgers found themselves on the other side of a bad call.

Los Angeles entered the final inning in St. Louis down by three runs, but scratched two across to close the gap to 6-5. Jason Heyward was on second base, representing the tying run, while Mookie Betts was at the plate. You never want to be down in the ninth inning, but with a hitter like Betts batting and a speedy runner in scoring position as the tying run, it could have been worse for the Dodgers.

Betts quickly fell behind 0-2, fouling off his first two pitches. But the next three pitches from Cardinals closer Giovanny Gallegos were not close and Betts worked the count to 3-2. Then came the payoff pitch.

Gallegos’ 3-2 pitch was closer to the strike zone than any of his previous three were, but was also wide — at least according to most people.

But home plate umpire, Paul Emmel, was not one of them. He rang Betts up for the game-ending strikeout.

As so many of these calls seem to do, this one frustrated observers.

[Photo Credit: Fox]

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