With the MLB offseason (and lockout) in full swing, there isn’t much to do for those within baseball. And that’s especially the case for the mascots.

With no games, there’s no one at the stadium to entertain, and the mascots are taking some time off. Mr. Met is taking advantage of the break by spending some alone time with Mrs. Met over the holidays.

They say “pictures speak a thousand words” and there are certainly some things to say about this. While the post is totally PG, it sure looks like Mr. and Mrs. Met are about to put on some Marvin Gaye and “get it on” so to speak.

They’re both consenting adults and they’re also married. If they want to have some adult fun, go right ahead. Many reacted to the post, focusing on the implication of mascot-on-mascot action, in addition to the occasional Fight Club reference.


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