We’re a little tired of hearing about Major League Baseball managers trotting out the unwritten rules. We’re in need of a Major League Baseball manager having a good, old-fashioned ejection tirade.

Enter Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez, who got tossed on Wednesday night and made a whole spectacle out of it.

With the Nats up 4-2 on the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley, Martinez was displeased with first base umpire Pat Hoberg after shortstop Trea Turner was called out on a dropped third strike after Hoberg said he stepped out of the base path. Martinez demonstrated that Turner had indeed stayed on the path and show not have been called out at first base. Hoberg refused the budge and ejected Martinez for arguing.

So, Martinez made sure that his message about first base was heard loud and clear by picking it up, tossing it to the ground, and then kicking it.

Good luck to anyone reaching first base now, regardless of whatever path they take.

Cubs fans got a real kick out of Martinez’s kick (as well as the rest of his performance). They might not enjoy seeing their Cubbies lose the game, but perhaps that whole tirade will make it all feel a little better.

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