A lot happened in Washington D.C. last night. Pitcher Stephen Strasburg agreed to a huge contract extension, Bryce Harper got ejected and a little bit of revenge, and the Nationals won on a Clint Robinson’s first ever walk-off home run.

A walk-off home run is always a cool moment, but not necessarily a novelty. However, Robinson may have hit the first-ever unsuspecting game winner. In the post-game interview he admits he did not even realize his hit came in the bottom of the ninth. He thought it was still the eighth inning.

Apparently, it took until Robinson rounded third and saw his teammates waiting at home plate to greet him to realize what he’d done. When the interviewer asked what the moment of realization was like Robinson summed up his feelings succinctly and perfectly.

“That homer is a lot sweeter now.”

Robinson’s admission of ignorance here is really fantastic. It is the right blend of aw shucks and indifferent. His face following his confession is equally outstanding.

If not for Paul Allen, Robinson’s mug might be the one plastered all over social media this morning. But once again, the power of Steph reigns supreme.

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