Man Steals Baseball

Last week, a viral video made waves in the Major League Baseball world, showing a grown man stepping in front of a young girl at a Washington Nationals game to snag a ball thrown to her by Nationals right fielder Joey Meneses. The girl didn’t get the ball at the time, but the Nationals made sure she has one now.

In response to the video, Meneses and the Nationals put together a special gift for the girl, named Avery. The package includes a game ball signed by Meneses as well as a hand-written note from the Washington right fielder.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get the ball I threw to you. I wanted to make sure you got one, so I hope this signed game ball makes up for it! Hope to see you at a game soon! Your friend, Joey,” the note read.

Upon receiving the note and the baseball from the Nationals, Avery’s mother, Regina Hilliard spoke to John Henry of WUSA9 and expressed her appreciation, saying that Avery very much enjoyed the baseball.

“She is beyond excited and very appreciative of Joey not only sending her a signed ball but a kind note with it,” Hilliard told WUSA9.

But while the ball is a nice gesture, it doesn’t change the fact that a grown man thought it was okay to take a souvenier ball from a young girl in the first place.

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