Look, if your name is Spencer Kieboom, you better hit some home runs. You gotta justify a name like that. And that’s exactly what the Washington Nationals’ rookie catcher did Tuesday, smacking a dinger in the top of the fifth of the first game of a doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies. (A doubleheader that exists thanks to a wet field and failed flamethrower attempts to dry it Monday.)

That’s cool and all, but we should note that before he hit the home run, Kieboom spits out one of his teeth. Wait, what?

Turns out, Kieboom did lose a tooth Tuesday, but it was actually during breakfast. The “tooth” that fell out while he was rounding the bases was a temporary one.

After the game, Kieboom told MLB.com’s Jamal Collier exactly what happened:

“I actually lost it this morning. It wasn’t like my real tooth. It was a temporary tooth. unfortunately for all the people who think it’s my real tooth, it’s not. I’m getting some new veneer put in, so I had a temporary tooth put on. I was eating some breakfast this morning and I bit into a baguette and it was gone. I just embraced it. It was halfway there and I just ripped it off.”

Oh well, that’s not as cool of a story. Still, it does count to add to the list of weird injuries that baseball players have suffered doing everyday things and/or household chores, so it was quite a day for Kieboom indeed. Welcome to The Show.


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