When you struggle to score runs, you might as well steal home.

Jacoby Ellsbury pulled off one of the more rare plays baseball has to offer; a straight steal of home. Ellsbury was sitting on third base after a balk by Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Moore, who was having a rough inning already. After being able to take a substantial lead off third base, Ellsbury took off sprinting down the line as Moore went into motion, and the next thing you knew he was touching home plate to score the tying run.

The act of stealing home is not technically a rarity, but it usually happens when a catcher throws down to second base on a double steal, or if a pitcher and catcher get a little lazy with the toss back to the mound. It’s far less common to see a batter take off from third during the pitcher’s delivery to the plate. It will very likely be one of those plays those who were watching will remember for a long time.



It turns out, this was not the only steal of home in the baseball world today. In the college ranks, Florida Gators player Buddy Reed showed off his wheels in a steal of home.

For some, it is a once-in-a lifetime play to witness. If you happened to be flipping between the Yankees-Rays and Florida Gators game, you just saw it twice in about 15 minutes.

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