Baseball being back is exciting on its own merits, of course. But it’s undeniable that one of the biggest pluses of baseball’s return is that it means more antics.

That includes mascots, and though some mascots are a bit forced (I still think Clark the Cub should wear pants) some are undeniably great. The Philadelphia Phanatic definitely counts as fantastic (or, if it helps, Phantastic), and normally he’s the one pulling pranks on fans and players.

Monday night, though, he was the victim of a hijacking:

That’s Noah Syndergaard speeding away across the outfield, if it wasn’t clear.

Here’s another angle of the aftermath:

Can you imagine if Thor actually ran over the Phanatic? That would have been gruesome. In any case, I can’t wait for a hot take about how Syndergaard was endangering himself by driving an ATV.

Also, this remains the greatest Phanatic moment of all time:


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