Yuli Gurriel did it once earlier, and now Jose Altuve has also launched a three-run homer to tie Game 5 with the Dodgers, this time off Kenta Maeda.

To top it off, Altuve had come up with two men on and two outs, and then proceeded to work a 3-2 count before he delivered the blow:

What a drunk game, and what a drunk World Series so far. It’s been so good, Joe Buck almost sounds like he’s enjoying baseball!

It’s taking forever, though. For reference, Game 5 started at 8:20 Eastern time, and three hours later, we’re in the bottom of the sixth inning.

It’s a school night, too, so while I’m rarely a “won’t someone think of the children!?!?” guy, I also remember the frustration of being sent to bed during the World Series as a kid. (I received special dispensation to watch the final few innings of Game 7 in 2001.)

It just sucks that some kids are missing the kind of bonkers action that could make them fall in love with the sport.

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