Sometimes, fans like to joke that they wish their favorite Major League Baseball players were wrapped in bubble wrap in between games so they couldn’t be injured. Every so often, a baseball player injury comes along that makes you wonder, “you know, that’s not a terrible idea.”

Oakland A’s reliever Shawn Kelley is the latest MLB player to join the prestigious “he injured himself HOW?” club by cutting his hand while doing the dishes.

According to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, Kelley lacerated the top of his left thumb on a sharp knife while cleaning up after dinner. Apparently, there was “lots of blood,” which is never a good sign. However, the right-handed pitcher did tell Slusser that he thinks he can pitch on Friday.

Hopefully, Kelley didn’t throw a temper tantrum this time. He got in enough trouble for doing that the first time.

Kelley is the second MLB pitcher to injure his hand on houseware in as many weeks. Justin Upton landed on the DL a few weeks back after cutting his finger on a wine glass. And when that happened, our Matt Clapp ran down the ever-growing list of MLB players who have injured themselves in weird and curious ways. We present that list to you once more:

What is it about baseball players injuring themselves while doing routine chores and/or just hanging out? We’ll keep asking ourselves this question and we’ll all meet back in a few weeks when another baseball player injures themselves while, I don’t know, changing a lightbulb.

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