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The New York Yankees began their four-game series against the Oakland Athletics in good fashion. They won the first game of the series 4-1, and the second game, 8-3. Before the team’s 5-1 win on Saturday, things would turn nasty, but in a different way.

Plumbing issues in the visitor’s dugout struck the Yankees before Saturday’s game, where stadium maintenance workers spent an hour trying to fix a backed up toilet.


The scene was described by ESPN:

Several maintenance workers spent nearly an hour trying to fix a backed up toilet while a member of the Coliseum staff mopped up the standing water seeping into the dugout. Yankees manager Joe Girardi and some New York players sidestepped the mess as they made their way to the field for pre-game workouts.

This might be a pretty good indication of why the Oakland Raiders are trying so hard to get out of Oakland. They and the Athletics are the only two tenants of the building, and the Raiders appeared to be set on moving to Los Angeles this offseason before the Rams were granted the move.

It also isn’t the first time this has happened at the Oakland Coliseum, as it happened on two different instances during the 2013 season for the Athletics.

If you’re a superstitious type of person, the Athletics won 96 games that season. So maybe the toilets backing up isn’t necessarily a terrible thing if it turns into wins. It’s also not a terrible tactic to try to gain an edge when it happens in the visiting dugout.

But, it’s still nasty. And it shouldn’t happen.

[ESPN, header pic via Wallace Matthews]

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