Marlins Man has become a fixture behind home plate at baseball stadiums over the years, including at Marlins home games. This year, however, it seems Marlins Man has been enjoying the company of others regularly with a posse of attractive women joining he and a special guest from time to time. Last night in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, one of those ladies attempted to distract the pitcher on the mound by showing off her cleavage.

The women attended the game with the man simply known as Marlins Man, with his sideway visor and radio host Andy Slater. Marlins Man also gave away some free tickets on Slater’s show to some lucky fans who got to join them up front.

After the game, Marlins Man announced on Twitter the strategy of having the woman show off her boobs seemingly worked.

It may be time to ask if Marlins Man has crossed a line here. Sure, he and his friends and guests are having a good time behind the plate at baseball games, which is great, but this particular act may be something the Marlins may have to crack down on. Plenty of men watching will get a kick out of it, but the Marlins have a duty to Major League Baseball to keep a family-oriented image going, and this happening routinely pushes the limit.

Keep giving those tickets away, Marlins Man. Just make sure those special guests aren’t going to get you removed from your seat.

[Bro Bible/Photo: @Marlins_Man]

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