Ballparks are active places, and fans must plan accordingly for foul balls, which means keeping your head on a swivel and making sure one is in a proper position to avoid potential pop-up foul ball.

An unlucky fan learned that lesson the hard way, as she found herself caught between a rock and a hard place at AT&T Park as the San Francisco Giants faced the Arizona Diamondbacks and a pop-up foul ball from Paul Goldschmidt hurtled towards the stands. With little options left to her, the woman had no choice but to sacrifice her baseball concessions for her physical well-being. The results left her with little more than an empty container with the forgotten dreams of what could have been enjoyable snacks on a relaxing day at the ballpark.

To make matters worse, it was the first inning of the game, so she likely had little time, if any, to enjoy her snacks. And she didn’t even get the foul ball responsible for the loss of her valuable snacks. And as expensive as baseball concessions often go for, she lost out on two golden opportunities.

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