Phillies pitcher Kyle Gibson fell to the ground, trying to save an error for first baseman, Rhys Hoskins. Phillies pitcher Kyle Gibson fell to the ground, trying to save an error for first baseman, Rhys Hoskins.

New York Mets announcer Keith Hernandez recently riled up some fans in Philadelphia when he said that he didn’t enjoy broadcasting Philadelphia Phillies games, citing the team’s frequently poor defense. He might have been onto something.

In the second inning of Thursday’s game, Miami Marlins’ first baseman Lewin Díaz hit what appeared to be a routine grounder to his opposite number, Philadelphia first baseman Rhys Hoskins. Diaz did hit the ball hard, though and Hoskins couldn’t quite come up with it. But at that point, all hope was not lost for the Phillies.

That would change.

Following Hoskins’ misplay, the ball bounced in the direction of pitcher Kyle Gibson, who was heading over to cover first base. Gibson changed his direction somewhat and tried to pick the ball up while on the run. It didn’t quite work out, though. He also misplayed the ball, perhaps trying to step back towards first just a little too early. As a result, he too booted the ball, falling down in the process.

At that point, all hope was lost.

In the aftermath of this glorious play, several in the MLB took to Twitter to vindicate Hernandez.

Making matters even worse for the Phillies is that this error hurt. Had this play been made, Díaz would have been the second out of the inning and Peyton Burdick’s strikeout would have ended it. Instead, it was only the second out. After Luke Williams extended the inning with an RBI single, Joey Wendle drove Díaz in with an RBI single to put the Marlins up 1-0. Miami would go on to win the game 3-0, snapping Philadelphia’s seven-game winning streak.

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