Poor, poor Trea Turner.

This happened yesterday, but it was awesome so here it is.

Turner was the victim of a deke that you don’t normally see work at the major league level. (Or even the high school level, if we’re being honest.) Turner took off with the pitch on a hit-and-run, Matt Wieters popped it up to second, and then, well, this happened, thanks to Phillies second baseman Pedro Florimon:

That’s so good. And like any good con, you can see where Florimon realizes he has the mark on the hook; when he goes in and keeps the tag on Turner for an extended period of time, he knows he has him.

The disgust from the first base coach and Wieters is also great, as is the non-chalant throw. Best of all, it was in the ninth inning of a somewhat close game, which the Phillies held on to win.

More dekes, please.

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