In a game with very little drama, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. The Pirates scored a run in the first two innings, three more in the third and posted a 7-1 victory. When the game ended, though, it got interesting.

It started benignly enough. The Cubs posted the final score with a nice picture. The Pirates, though, have one of MLB’s most interesting Twitter pages. Those who run that page have not been afraid to troll Pittsburgh at the end of lopsided losses and did the same to the Cubs, using a picture of announcers, Greg Brown and Bob Walk.

MLB fans liked what they saw from the Pirates.

We have to concur with these fans. Now, if this was 2015 — when the Pirates and Cubs were battling for a playoff spot — we might not feel this way. In those cases, the result of the game should be more than enough to get people talking. But this is not 2015 and Pittsburgh and Chicago are not contending for playoff spots. The win moved the Pirates to 28-39 while the Cubs fell to 25-43 in defeat. With rivalries such as this, petty is lovely.

Two games remain in this series and eight games between these National League Central rivals for the remainder of the season. We only hope to see more the pettiness continue.

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