The Pirates hit seven home runs against the Mets on Friday. After the seventh home run, they announced that they ran out of fireworks. Photo Credit: SportsNet Pittsburgh The scoreboard at PNC Park announces that the Pirates ran out of fireworks after hitting seven home runs vs. the Mets. Photo Credit: SportsNet Pittsburgh

Despite trailing 2-0 heading into the bottom of the fourth inning, the Pittsburgh Pirates were decisive victors in Friday night’s game against the New York Mets, winning 14-2. Those runs, specifically how they were scored, created a problem for the Pirates — a problem any MLB team would gladly take.

All 14 runs the Pirates scored came across the plate on home runs. Pittsburgh hit seven home runs — Rowdy Tellez and Bryan Reynolds both hit grand slams, Reynolds hit a two-run homer, while Tellez, Jack Suwinski, Yasmani Grandal and Michael Taylor all hit solo shots.

And as the Pirates were batting in the 11th inning, a message came across the scoreboard at PNC Park.

“This. Is. Insane. We have seven home runs tonight, which is the fifth time in Pirates history that we have done this. So many homers that we ran out of fireworks.”

The Pirates shared a similar message on their X (formerly Twitter) page.

“We hit so many home runs that we ran out of fireworks. We’re being serious.”

And while it was the fifth time that the team hit seven home runs in a game, Pittsburgh hadn’t exceeded five home runs in any game since 1947 (per Codify baseball).

The seven home runs allowed also tied a Mets franchise record. So, it’s hard to blame the Pirates for running out of fireworks.

[Photo Credit: SportsNet Pittsburgh]

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