If a baseball fan was approached on June 1 and told that the Pittsburgh Pirates would make MLB history in June, most fans would probably assume the history was not good. The Pirates did make history, only it wasn’t bad.

Pittsburgh catcher Michael Pérez hit three home runs for the Pirates on Thursday in their victory over the Milwaukee Brewers.

One day earlier, Pittsburgh’s Bryan Reynolds hit three home runs in a win over the Washington Nationals. On Father’s Day, Jack Suwinski hit three home runs for the Pirates in a victory against the San Francisco Giants.

Three players on one team hitting three home runs in the same month had never been done before.

Baseball fans reacted to Pittsburgh’s history making month with surprise and bemusement.

Even Pittsburgh’s manager, Derek Shelton, couldn’t quite explain his team’s recent power surge. Though, naturally, he wasn’t exactly complaining about it.

And while the historic run of single-game home runs has been fun to watch for the Pirates and their fans, it hasn’t necesarilly translated into wins.

The Pirates are still 31-45 overall and still finished June with a record of well below .500.

Nevertheless if we were to power rank the teams likely to break this record at the beginning of the year (or even at the beginning of June), the most obvious answers would be teams like the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros. Many teams — and possibly every team — would have been named before the Pirates.

But over less than two weeks, the Pirates did something that none of the best teams in the history of the game have ever done.

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