John Tumpane

MLB umpires are used to boos raining down from the crowd. It’s very rare that they receive a standing ovation, but that’s what happened prior to Thursday’s game in Pittsburgh.

Umpire John Tumpane had been walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh on Thursday, and noticed a woman climbing over the railing ready to jump into the Allegheny River. In an act of pure bravery, Tumpane pulled the woman back to safety despite her resistance.

The Pirates honored Tumpane at PNC Park for his courageous actions, and the crowd responded with a huge round of applause:

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle told media he individually thanked Trumpane for his actions. From

“I told him I couldn’t be more proud of him,” Hurdle said. “The man didn’t think about things, didn’t analyze things, didn’t figure out how he was feeling first. He just got engaged. He did something to help make a difference in the life of another human being.

“I think it’s just an awesome thing that he was able to do. It speaks volumes about the man. It’s a guy you can count on.”

Tumpane has not had a chance to see the woman whose life he saved, but he told he hopes to reconnect with her at some point:

“I hope to cross paths with her,” Tumpane said. “When you’re that close to somebody in that life situation, it’s somebody you would like to see again. I hope she’s having a better day today than yesterday.”


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