Jack Suwinski

Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder Jack Suwinski made a sensational play to rob Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts of a home run Tuesday, but what he did next made things even more dramatic.

With two runners on base, Betts drove a ball to deep left. Suwinski had a good read on the ball, leaped and stuck his glove over the wall to steal a three-run home run.

Suwinski then sat down with his back against the wall, appearing dejected, as if he’d missed the ball.

Pirates broadcaster Joe Block asked, “Does he have it? Does he have it? He’s got it!”

“Oh my goodness, wow, he sold us all,” chimed in color analyst Neil Walker.

“I’d like to report a robbery!” Block said. “Jack Suwinski steals a three-run home run.”


Baseball fans liked the catch, but didn’t appreciate the suspense. Dan Zangrilli pointed out that fans didn’t try to grab a souvenir and gave Suwinski plenty of room to make the catch.

“An over zealous amateur — and the Pirates are trailing,” he tweeted.

[Photo credit: AT&T Sportsnet]

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