Throws from the Pirates went well wide Monday night.

Bad throws happen, even at the Major League Baseball level, but two wildly bad throws on one play that let three runs score? That’s something else, something out of a Little League game (and not a good one), but it’s what the Pittsburgh Pirates did against the Chicago Cubs Monday night. And Twitter user @_MarcusD2_ provided a public service by setting this highlight to “Yakety Sax,” otherwise known as the theme to The Benny Hill Show:

Yep, this was slapstick all right, and hilariously so. And it’s even better considering the game situation; this came with the bases loaded and two out in the seventh, and the Cubs only up 2-0 at that point. Alex Avila’s grounder was hard-hit, and second baseman Sean Rodriguez had to go a long way to get it, but he still had plenty of time to make the throw to first and end the inning even after his spin move.

That well-wild throw let a couple of runs score, though, and then catcher Chris Stewart’s attempt to gun Avila down at second went way high, letting a third run score. Both Rodriguez and Stewart were charged with errors, and justifiably so. The Cubs would wind up with a comfortable 6-1 victory, and this Benny Hill sequence was a big part of the reason why.

[_MarcusD2_ on Twitter]

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