The 2020 NL Central is shaping up to be a close race, with the Reds, Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers all projected to finish with similar (albeit middling) win totals.

And then there are the Pittsburgh Pirates, who look set to finish at the bottom of the division (again). That’s been a trend ever since their rejuvenation period from 2013-2015 (a period that saw them make three straight Wild Card games, winning one in 2013 and then losing a heartbreaking NLDS to the Cardinals.)

So when a very random play like today’s Pittsburgh-Toronto Grapefruit League game pops up that features two Pirates being tagged out at home in quick succession, it kind of feels like something that would happen to this version of the team. Here it is, though:

That it only happened because the very strong Florida winds sent what looked like a no-doubt homer for Oneil Cruz off the wall instead really adds insult to, well, insult. If you’re curious, the Carlton Fisk play the broadcast references immediately (and tremendous pull there) was this one:

It is similar, as any play featuring a double-tag out by the catcher without a rundown would be, though obviously it came about from a different comedy of errors.

As for the Pirates, hopefully the rest of their season either goes better or, failing that, goes wrong in similarly entertaining fashion.

[h/t NBC Sports]

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