National Anthem protest

We’re a few years removed from many players across the MLB, NFL, and NBA facing criticism over national anthem protests. On Saturday, two MLB players were ejected from a game for a different kind of national anthem drama.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Kutter Crawford and ex-teammate Matt Strahm were both ejected from Saturday’s Phillies-Sox game and fined by the league after having a playful standoff after the national anthem.

The two players remained on the field following the playing of the national anthem and refused to leave after the umpire’s instructions.

“Zero of it was planned. Just, (the) anthem was over and I looked across and Kutter kind of gave me a grin and I know exactly what that grin meant so just stood there,” Strahm said, per Rob Bradford. …

“If you know me, you know competition is everything to me so kind of felt like I was being called out right there. Looking back on it, probably not the wisest decision I’ve made in my big league career. … I guess I should’ve known better with how strict they are with pitch clock.”

Crawford’s fine is larger because he’s on the 15-day injured list. However, it sounds like one of the team’s veterans will likely step in to handle it.

“If you get thrown out and you’re on the IL, you get crushed,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said on Sunday. “I know there’s a guy that went to the same school as him that’s probably going to take care of that.”

Presumably, Cora is referring to Chris Sale, who attended Florida Gulf Coast University just like Crawford.

[Rob Bradford]

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