Sometimes, a name is just a name. But to the Portland Pickles, a name is an identity and the West Coast League team went the extra mile to help out someone in the community.

The Pickles’ Twitter account posted that an older gentleman named Pete called the team and asked them if they knew how to lower the acidity of the homemade apple cider he was making.

That’s a rather bizarre thing to ask a baseball team and it would be easy for the Pickles to correct Pete and let him know that they’re a baseball team and not some sort of pickle company but as the good samaritans they are, they tried to help Pete out by asking the public for a solution.

The GM of the Pickles emailed Pete to let him know that they’re on the case to figure out his acidity problem. In the meantime, Pete is sending the Pickles his homemade clam chowder recipe and is working to not make the soup so thick.

When you work for a sports team, you never can tell how your work day is going to go. For the Pickles, they helped (or are helping) Pete and it seems they got a clam chowder recipe out of the deal. In true negotiating fashion, Pete wasn’t about to part with his apple cider recipe but clam chowder is still a good deal.

[Photo: @picklesbaseball]

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