Red Sox blooper Credit: NESN

The Boston Red Sox didn’t just turn in any blooper — they just turned in one of the biggest bloopers of the sports year.

Boston trailed the Tampa Bay Rays 4-2 in the top of the 6th inning. Red Sox righthander Corey Kluber had a 1-2 count on Rays star Yandy Díaz with a runner aboard first base. Kluber dealt the pitch, Díaz swung, and then chaos broke loose.

Díaz’s hit found an opening on the right side. Right fielder Alex Verdugo threw the ball in. Second baseman Enmanuel Valdez cut it off and threw home to try and get the runner. The throw was off line, so catcher Connor Wong went to the right, caught it, and then threw back to second to try and get Díaz.

But Wong’s throw bounced in the dirt between Valdez and Enrique Hernandez into the outfield. Díaz rounded second, raced to third base, hurried by, and scored easily.

Wow. Well, that’s another reminder that even with how highly paid MLB players are, they are just as prone to the same mistakes even Little Leaguers sometimes make. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing for professional athletes. But it does create for a humorous situation for everyone around them. Perhaps not for Red Sox fans, who are probably having a tough month.

That didn’t stop others from laughing at the Red Sox and the epic and hilarious blooper they committed.


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