We don’t know when yet, but the fastest MLB player and the fastest NFL player will race each other. After being drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals last week, wide receiver John Ross challenged Cincinnati Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton to a race.

On Thursday, Hamilton agreed to find out who is the fastest man in Cincinnati in a 40-yard-dash charity event. Ross’ 40 time is 4.22 seconds. Hamilton does not have an official 40 time as a baseball player, but he’s averaged close to 60 stolen bases over the last three seasons (despite having a low on-base percentage, too).

Here’s Hamilton on accepting the challenge, from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Here’s more from Hamilton, via the Associated Press:

“I know he’s really, really fast,” Hamilton said after Thursday’s 4-2 win over Pittsburgh. “It is something I look forward to. I’m a competitor. I’m willing to do it for a charity event. I haven’t done a 40 since ninth grade, a 4.5 flat.”

“I’d do a 40. There’s no way I could do 100. This is the wrong season to do 100,” he said. “I think a 40 would be a fun race for the city. It is something to look into. Run it by our agents and see how it goes.”

Hamilton has reportedly run the 30 yards from home plate to first plate in as little as 3.3 seconds, and he doesn’t get the luxury of starting in a sprinter’s position for that. In the past, Hamilton estimated his 40 time would be around 4.3.

So while Ross should the favorite, Hamilton may be capable of pulling an upset.

To be fair, they should add in a race around the basepaths.

Last time something like this happened in Cincinnati, Bengals receiver Chad Johnson raced a horse for charity and won. Might as well get the horse in on this one as well for vengeance.

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