Reggie Jackson in The Naked Gun

Thursday, the world learned that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away at 96 after 70 years as the UK’s monarch. With news of that magnitude, you just knew it was going to be a really weird day on Twitter.

And it sure has been. The ClutchPoints deleted tweet that showed the Queen ascending to heaven surrounded by a strange collection of British-born athletes was just the beginning. Opinions about the Queen and whether or not her death deserves reverence ran the gamut. And there have been some really, really weird tweets that are so hard to quantify or explain to anyone who isn’t on Twitter.

While most of the tweets were weird, cringy, or just unnecessary, one by baseball legend Reggie Jackson stood out from the crowd.

Mr. October is referencing the scene in The Naked Gun where he, as himself, attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth during a baseball game as part of a mind-control scheme. And if none of that makes any sense to you, here’s the scene in question.

Thank goodness for Frank Drebin, a.k.a. Enrico Palazzo.

Jackson’s tweet caught the attention of the baseball world, which absolutely loved the reference and shared their reactions and appreciation for the nostalgic serotonin boost.

Honestly, Reggie might be the only living cast member from Naked Gun that we want to hear from regarding anything.

[Reggie Jackson]

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