It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 21 years of peace between the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and the owners. However, that could soon change.

FOX’s Ken Rosenthal is reporting that this time of peace could be in jeopardy. According to Rosenthal’s sources, the owners are frustrated with the players’ slow negotiating tactics and could soon vote on whether to lock out the players.

The current deal between the MLBPA and the owners is set to expire December 1. This would be the time when the owners would vote own a potential lockout. Though the beginning of 2017 season is months away, this possible work stoppage could affect the Winter Meetings, which take place from December 4-8.

Here is what some of the reported points of contention are:

The owners offered to resolve two of the biggest issues by offering a straight exchange, telling the players they would eliminate direct draft-pick compensation in free agency in exchange for the right to implement an international draft, sources said. The players, however, rejected the proposal, wanting no part of an international draft.

The competitive-balance tax — the amount of the threshold, the size of the penalties — is another point of contention. The two sides also are at odds over changes in the Joint Drug Agreement; a number of players spoke out in favor of a stronger program during the season, but for baseball to strengthen the agreement, the union wants concessions in other areas, sources said.

And there’s more:

Among the perceived problems:

*A 25-year-old Cuban player who has never played in the majors can receive a bigger contract than a major-league free agent who is burdened by draft-pick compensation.

*U.S.-born players who are subject to a draft are treated differently than foreign-born players who are not.

*The international market is so corrupt that a new entry system for players from foreign countries is required.

What also makes this interesting is the fact that both the players and owners are represented by new groups. This is Rob Manfred’s first negotiation as MLB commissioner. It’s also MLBPA president Tony Clark’s first negotiation.

However, for as many problems as Rosenthal seems to point out, others aren’t quite as scared.

It’s interesting that two of the most reliable MLB reporters are so far from each other on this issue.

It seems likely enough that there would be strife between the two sides. CBAs seem to be frequent news items, even when they’re not expiring. There’s already speculation about the NBA’s next CBA, and the NHL is considering changes with the 2018 Olympics coming up.

At this point, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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