OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 30: Sonny Gray #54 of the Oakland Athletics pitches against the Atlanta Braves in the top of the first inning at Oakland Alameda Coliseum on June 30, 2017 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The MLB trade deadline (well, the one that matters) is Monday, and there are still a few deals coming down to the wire. Oakland is apparently in talks with multiple teams about starter Sonny Gray, and with Gray scheduled to start Sunday, there was always going to be a bit of an issue.

USA Today‘s Bob Klapisch is reporting that Gray won’t even make Sunday’s start:

This does make a certain amount of sense. The last thing Oakland wants is for Gray to get shelled (would probably damage his value a bit) or hurt (would torpedo his value); even if he were to throw a shutout, it’s not like teams are going to suddenly toss in bigger prospects. Plus, any start made for Oakland is a start not made for his new team.

As to which teams are involved in the bidding, the Yankees definitely are:

That’s signaled perhaps more obviously by Buster Olney, whose shoulders are likely pretty tired from carrying Brian Cashman’s water around:

The Dodgers make some sense, for one, and it’s not like other teams wouldn’t want to be involved. Regardless, Gray is likely not to pitch again until after the trade deadline whether or not he’s moved before it happens. So hey, actual deadline drama! That’s kind of fun!

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not it actually happens this time, though. Wouldn’t want a repeat of the David Kaplan mess from a few weeks back.

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