Ridiculous bare-handed catch from Twins outfielder Joey Gallo.

Wednesday’s matchup between the Minnesota Twins and the San Diego Padres featured one of the most improbable catches thus far this season from Twins outfielder Joey Gallo.

The play happened in the top of the first inning with Padres star Manny Machado at the plate and Jake Cronenworth on first base after walking earlier in the inning.

Cronenworth went into motion on a hit-and-run attempt. Machado hit a fly ball into shallow left field which made it a long run for Gallo to get to.

He dove and made a miraculous catch with the glove, but the ball popped out of his glove and into the air. He stuck with the play and caught the ball with his bare hand to record the out.

Cronenworth stayed at second base thinking the ball fell to the ground. This made for an easy double play to end the inning once Gallo threw back to first base.

It was quite the way to start off the game for the Twins, and many credited Gallo for the unbelievable play.

Gallo has struggled at the plate in recent years, but his defense has never been in question over his up-and-down nine-year MLB career.

If he continues to make plays like this in the field, the Twins will likely put up with his less-than-stellar batting average at the plate.

[The Comeback on Twitter] Photo Credit: Bally Sports San Diego

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