Hazing is generally stupid and can be dangerous, harmful, or wrong. This falls more on the silly/stupid end of the equation, as the Rockies sent rookie outfielder Noel Cuevas on a Starbucks run in full uniform.

The Rockies are in Chicago taking on the Cubs, and Wrigley Field is relatively adjacent to a Starbucks. That’s led to multiple teams in recent years using a visit to the North Side as an excuse for an outing like this, and today was no different for Colorado.

It was a hell of an order, too:

It was apparently just what the team needed, as the Rockies trounced the Cubs 11-2 with the wind blowing out at Wrigley. Cuevas didn’t get the start, but he did enter as a pinch-hitter in the 8th and thanks to the Rockies offensive outburst (five runs in the eighth inning), he managed to go 2-2 with a run, raising his average for the season to .350. Not a bad day, all things considered.


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