Rockies third baseman Ryan McMahon stole home against the Pirates. Thanks to a lapse from the Pirates defense, he stole it easily. Photo Credit: Rockies TV. Ryan McMahon steals home for the Rockies in Saturday night’s game against the Pirates. Photo Credit: Rockies TV.

Colorado Rockies third baseman Ryan McMahon pulled off what is normally one of baseball’s riskiest plays on Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates with a steal of home. But thanks to Pittsburgh’s defense, calling this a risky steal would be a stretch.

With the Rockies leading 5-1, McMahon was on third base with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. Pirates pitcher Jared Jones threw an 0-2 ball to Colorado’s Nolan Jones. Pittsburgh catcher Yasmani Grandal lobbed the ball back to Jones on the mound, something McMahon was clearly anticipating.

McMahon took off immediately. By the time the ball finally reached Jones, he had no reason to even try a throw home and McMahon crossed the plate standing up with no play.

Pittsburgh’s defensive alignment had third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes playing well off of the base, giving McMahon the chance to take a generous lead. And of course, McMahon deserves a lot of credit for realizing that and making the play.

So, we can’t say that Grandal’s lobbed throw to the pitcher was the only thing working against the Pirates on this play. That said, it was the biggest factor.

[Photo Credit: Rockies TV]

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