Fans attending Thursday’s game between the Savannah Bananas and Florence Flamingos probably weren’t expecting a bench-clearing brawl — but that’s exactly what they got.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Savannah’s Beau Brewer tried to score from third when the ball got away from the catcher. His slide was awkward and he ended up getting flipped over by the catcher after briefly being on top of him. From there, things got messy.

There was one obvious joke to be made here, which was not missed by baseball fans.

But the bananas puns weren’t the only observations made.

Some points have to be made here.

When Sunday’s brawl between the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels got going, someone watching from home probably could have gone outside to mow the lawn and not missed a pitch. This was efficient — something that we really can’t praise enough.

That said, the real winner of this brawl was the commentary team.

First of all, regardless of whatever level of baseball we’re talking about, announcers must be forced to memorize all of the different words for “brawl” that the thesaurus has to offer. And really, it’s for the better. It’s one thing to call it a “brawl” or “fight.” Those have nowhere near the kind of gravitas that “fracas” has.

Second, where else are we going to hear a sentence like “Tyler Gillum is gonna punt a helmet” dropped so casually into a conversation?

That’s just fantastic work from the commentary crew from beginning to end.

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