After Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto rejected a 15-year, $440 million contract extension, it started a mass conversation across the sports world on where the 22-year-old slugger could get traded.

During a sitdown interview with Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Soto’s agent Scott Boras says even before the most recent offer was made public, there was talk behind the scenes, including other offers.

“As far as Juan’s perspective, what is most difficult is that we’ve had many offers, many discussions with the Nationals and their ownership that have been conducted in complete privacy,” Boras said. “That’s what Juan hoped for. That’s why the dialogue continued.”

The superagent called the Nats’ offer “a ghost contract offer… not even in the range of consideration.”

Boras added that Soto wasn’t comfortable with the added spotlight on himself after the initial contract rejection was leaked this past Saturday.

“When he goes to the ballpark, everyone normally would talk about the brilliance of his performance or ask about what his routines are so they could understand him as a player,” Boras said. “Well, this creates a different focus that no player wants.”

“But the great thing about being a great young player in today’s game is that this comes up so often that you become seasoned. You become used to it.”

Speculation only grew during this week’s All-Star festivities when Soto arrived at Dodger Stadium. As he fielded questions from reporters Monday, where Boras was watching attentively.

“He manages everything beautifully,” admired Boras, who called Soto “very bright.”

Despite a lot of chatter surrounding his impending exit from D.C. and having to fly to L.A. on a commercial flight, Soto didn’t let it get to him during the Home Run Derby — dethroning the reigning champion Pete Alonso with 56 homers in three rounds.

“He had to stay up all night,” Boras said. “The Atlanta Braves, they’re playing the same game (Sunday). They have a charter. They got here five hours earlier. And yet he’s up all night. I said, no exception, this guy is going to just be himself. Sure enough, he performed at the greatest of levels because he’s Juan Soto.”