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The Seattle Mariners released a series of commercials in advance of the 2016 season, and they’re actually pretty funny.

The first one features Kyle Seager. In the spot, the reliable Seager is rebranded as “K-Swag.” His Mariner teammates seem to have mixed feelings about the change, which has him wear a “K-Swag” necklace, some sunglasses and a a spiffy hat. Charlie Furbush digs the change so much that he becomes C-Fresh.

The second spot features Robinson Cano. Cano is looking in a bathroom mirror, and his reflection is Mariners great (and current hitting coach) Edgar Martinez. Cano’s movements are matched by Martinez’s, even when he grabs a lamp.

The commercial ends with Mariners coaches saying Cano’s swing is a mirror image of Ken Griffey Jr’s, and when they see Martinez holding a lamp, they ask what it is, to which he responds “it’s a light bat.” The delivery on Martinez’s part is excellent.

The third spot is about Felix Hernandez’s regal “King Felix” nickname. His curious new Mariners teammates ask him a bevy of questions including…

  • Whether or not he lives in a castle?
  • Does he own a dragon?
  • Does he go jousting in the offseason?
  • What size crown does he wear?
  • Has he ever been on Game of Thrones?

The spot ends with Hernandez wearing a cape, getting royal treatment as he walks out of the Mariners facility.

The final spot is about Nelson Cruz’s “Nellie’s Auto Glass,” a service which Cruz provides help to those whose windshields have been broken by home runs. Cruz’s delivery is great, and his fake company’s tagline of “Nellie’s Auto Glass, it’s a home run,” feels perfectly corny.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the filming of the commercials.


The Mariners have a poll up to see which commercial fans love the most, and so far Cano and Martinez’s spot currently leads with 38%. Whichever one wins, good on the Mariners for having some preseason fun. These commercials are all highly entertaining.

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