Shohei Ohtani is usually great, but like everyone, he’ll have an occasional off day. But even on those off days, the Los Angeles Angels star is never boring. In Friday’s game against the Houston Astros, he proved that with one of the funnier outs in recent memory.

Astros slugger Kyle Tucker led the bottom of the sixth inning off with a weak grounder toward first. Ohtani had no problem fielding the ball. But rather than flip the ball to first baseman Jared Walsh, Ohtani decided to tag Tucker out. That’s when things got funny.

Ohtani got directly in front of Tucker and put both of his hands up. Tucker, realizing that he was out, extended his right hand toward Ohtani’s glove, which had the ball. Ohtani then moved his glove down to record the out — essentially giving Tucker a low-five in the process.

Friday was certainly not Ohtani’s best game. He went six innings, allowing five runs (all earned) on nine hits with a walk and six strikeouts. The Astros also hit two homers off of him.

But even when he’s not at his best, Ohtani has a way of capturing the attention of baseball fans. That’s exactly what he did with this out.

[Rob Friedman, Photo Credit: AT&T SportsNet Southwest]

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