Years ago, when George Brett was a hitting coach for the Royals, he regaled his players with a legendarily detailed story about shitting his pants in Las Vegas. If for some reason you haven’t seen Brett tell this story, take a few minutes, check out the following video, and continue reading.

Talking to some of his teammates at preseason training camp, Sporting KC captain, Matt Besler told a story about a baseball friend of his who shit his pants in Vegas a few years ago in a very similar way as Brett did. Calling him “Jorge,” Besler explained that this guy ate a whole bunch of crab legs and just couldn’t hold it anymore afterwards.

In all honesty, this isn’t a bad retelling of the story by Besler. Besler stayed true to the original video, even at the end asking what they were going to be doing in training. All in all, it was a bit of preseason fun.

This isn’t the first time Sporting KC paid homage to their fellow KC legend. When they were playing NYCFC at Yankee Stadium five years ago, Sporting players re-enacted the “pine tar incident.” As far as Brett himself is concerned, he’s a fan of the team and once he sees Besler’s portrayal, probably have a good laugh.

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