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Every once in a while, a famous person will throw out the first pitch at a baseball game and they’ll throw the ball so badly that it makes us wonder if they’re throwing it that bad on purpose. Sure, it sounds easy to throw a baseball 60 feet but doing it on a mound with thousands of people watching is a lot different than tossing the ball in the backyard.

It was Steve Aoki’s turn to get roasted for his terrible first pitch. In tossing out the first pitch at Fenway Park, the music producer and DJ acted as if he was rocketing a ball from right field than the pitchers mound.

In fairness to Steve, the ball didn’t bounce before reaching home plate. It might be orbiting the planet right now, but at least it didn’t hit the ground.

There were lots of reactions to Aoki’s first pitch, with many calling it worse than 50 Cent’s disastrous attempt in 2014.

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