We’ve all been there, right? Everyone who has gone to college has had that one professor who is a stickler for attendance, leaving very little room for excused absences. Some will give you a few absences per semester before they start docking you points off your grade for missing classes. Is attending a World Series game a valid excuse?

Fortunately for Ohio University student Charles Turner, it was.

Turner worked his way around his professor’s strict attendance policy by giving a friend his homework assignment and signed in to the class on the sign-in sheet to make sure he would get credit for attending the class. But then he ducked out early so he could get himself to Game 1 of the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs. Who wouldn’t try to do that if fortunate to have a ticket to the game? The scheme almost worked perfectly, except the professor opted to take a roll call of students at the end of class, after Turner had left for the game.


After getting caught and presented with the ramifications via email from his professor, Turner came clean and provided photo proof he was at the game with his brother. Had Turner’s professor been a Tigers or Red Sox fan, maybe that wouldn’t have worked, but this professor ended up giving him a pass, because Go Indians!


On a related note, Pitt head football coach Pat Narduzzi shared an excuse note to all of his Twitter followers to encourage students to attend tonight’s football game against Virginia Tech. Of course, it is up to those professors at Pitt to determine for themselves if the excuse note is an adequate reason for not attending a night class tonight. Here’s hoping there are some Pitt profs that come off as cool as this Ohio University prof.

[SB Nation/Photo: @C_tWINO]

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