The Texas Rangers are adding new safety netting near the dugout seats at Globe Life Park in Arlington in an effort to protect fans from foul balls and broken bats. The Rangers were already following all of Major League Baseball’s safety regulations, but the team cited fan safety as the reason for bringing in additional netting.

According to, the new netting is six feet high and extends from the home plate netting to the end of each dugout. Stretching approximately 68 feet, the new netting is designed to protect fans from the hardest of foul balls and shattered bats which have caused a few seriously injuries to fans over the several few years.

The Rangers admitted that the new netting will alter the view for fans in the lower bowl, but they cited safety as being more important.

Rob Matwick, Rangers Executive Vice President for Business Operations:

“We fully understand that it may take some time for fans to be accustomed to this change and that some fans may have a different preference for their ballpark experience. We will do our best to accommodate the requests of any fan who is affected by the changes.”

Credit to the Rangers for trying to prevent a serious injury before one happens. Hopefully other teams around the league follow.

[Photo via NBCDFW]

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